Going to get your feet wet at Wet ‘n’ Wild? Here are some tips before you go

I haven’t been to Wet ‘n’ Wild since the year they opened, and this time around I liked it even more. Although there haven’t been many more additions since the first time, it felt more like a “theme park” for some reason.
My family flew in from Panama, and we decided to visit Wet’ N ‘Wild during a weekday to get some relief from the heat, and it was an absolute a blast. 
We got the VIP cabana this year, and it is spectacular! It was an air conditioned unit with a small fridge, private deck and picnic tables overlooking the wave pool. The cabana also came with a nice lady who provided excellent customer service with a smile.  It was perfect for the Vegas heat! 
The park continues to improve each year with added shade structures, picnic areas and ride changes.
The workers were really nice and helpful. You can tell for most of them, they really love their jobs.
The park has lots of shade and lawn chairs, and plenty of rafts to enjoy the pools. The lines moved quickly and the rides were a lot of fun as always.
 If you do some planning, you can avoid a lot of hassle that comes with a trip to a water park.  Here are some of my tips:
– Make sure to bring towels, and some sandals or water shoes.  As hot as Las Vegas can be, the concrete might burn your feet. 
– The water is pretty cold, but it should be.  This is not a spa.  When it’s 90+ degrees outside, the water feels great once you get used to it.  
– If you are local, the gold pass is the way to go.  Single day tickets are not a good value if you plan to come back again.
–  Lines will be long on the weekends during the summer, just like any other park.  So if possible, go during the week.
–  Don’t even try to sneak drinks or food in.  Your bags will be searched.  Just keep food in the car and have a picnic in the giant park area and get your hand stamped.  If you are seen with outside food, you will be asked to throw it away or be escorted out of the park.  Even sunflower seeds. You are allowed to bring a sealed bottle of water. Not a water bottle.  
–  The food is not bad at all.  Cough up the $12.99 to get the WNW cup and enjoy 99 cent refills all season long (free refills the day of purchase only). The waffle fries and pizza are pretty good.
The best part is they don’t close until 10:00 PM.


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