KG Beauty Salon caters to celebrities and locals alike



You might know her or maybe you heard about her beauty salon. She is the makeup artist and stylist of celebrities and the person who does the professional hair and make up for the news anchors at Univision Las Vegas, the largest and number 1 Spanish network in the United States.


Katherine Graciano is the owner of KG Beauty Salon, a high-end full service salon located here in Las Vegas. It is located at 7865 W Sahara Ave.


I have had the opportunity to visit her salon several times and with every visit, I have taken the opportunity to talk with her about her business and how she got started in the world of beauty.


I have a lot of things in common with Katherine, and it’s a pleasure for me to share her story.

We are both Latinas, hard workers, and we have both came to Las Vegas at about the same time and at about the same age.




Katherine and her team take care of their customers hair, nails, skin and all around well-being. 


The place is always clean and looks classy and elegant.


This bilingual and talented Dominican lady is the go-to stylist for a lot of Latino celebrities who live in or visit Las Vegas for different reasons.

Over the years Katherine has worked with a long list of celebrities including Holly Madison, Ricky Martin and many others. Also, she is often a part of big events, such as the Latin Grammy Awards, Miss Universe, the Mayweather vs.Pacquiao fight, etc.


A celebrity hair and makeup stylist with over 20 years of experience in the industry, she inherited her passion for hair and beauty from her mother who is a hairstylist.


In 2008, Katherine started her own business, KG Beauty Salon. Her beginning was not easy. She rented a chair at an existing Vegas salon until her dreams came true.


She also has had her own make up line called KGcosmetics since 2012.


Another thing she has been able to do is to travel around the world, where conventions and symposiums are held to keep up with the latest trends and changes in the industry.


I would like to recommend her to anyone. She has the latest fashion tips, styles, and techniques with very reasonable pricing. 


Katherine is one of the best in the beauty field and you should definitely give her a try if you are shopping for a new stylist.

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