Exploring Death Valley with Pink Jeep Tours, Vegas’ premiere tour company!

Last year I had the opportunity to join Pink Jeep Tours on one of their trips to the Hoover Dam.  It was easily one of the most fun times I have had since I started this website.  So it was a no-brainer when they invited me this year to join them on a trip to Death Valley.  To make it even better, the day I got to go was on my birthday!  There is nothing better on this special day than to get out of the city and go check out our beautiful country.

I have been in Vegas for awhile now, and I always wanted to make the relatively short drive out to Death Valley.  But since I didn’t know what all was out there and how to go about seeing everything there is to see, I had put it off.  Making the trip with the great people of Pink Jeep Tours solved all of those problems!  After all, it is their job to know everything about the places they go.
It really isn’t a problem for me since I live here, but a great thing they do for customers is pick them up at whatever hotel they are staying at in the area.  It makes it convenient for tourists because they don’t have to worry about taking a cab or getting lost trying to meet at some other location.
We actually drove to Mandalay Bay where we met Ken, who would by our guide for the day.  He is one of the friendlier people you will ever meet, and it was clear he wasn’t just going through the motions.  After he picked us up, we picked up two more groups at different hotels, and we were on our way!
As we made our way out of the city and into the empty desert, Ken kept us entertained with facts about the city and everything around us.  He would tell us about the wildlife to look out for, the terrain we saw, and the smaller towns we passed through along the way.
Finally, after a couple of hours we had reached the park.  It was absolutely stunning!  Fortunately, since it is early in the year, the weather was perfect to get out and explore our surroundings.  We made a stop at the Visitors Center to get a feel of what we would be looking at.  I also took the opportunity to grab a couple of souvenirs.  We enjoyed a nice box lunch at the picnic tables that Pink Jeep Tours provided to make sure we had enough energy for the trip.
Our first stop was Badwater Basin, which at 282 feet below sea level, is the lowest point in North America.  We climbed out of the jeep and were able to walk around this amazing landscape to take some pictures and just take things in.  It almost feels like you are on another planet.
After awhile we loaded back up and went to the next stop, which is called Artist’s Palette.  Unlike Badwater Basin, we were actually quite high up.  The scenery was breathtaking, as multiple colors decorated the surrounding rock and mountains.  There was no doubt where the name had come from.  We could see for miles across the park and everywhere you looked was more beautiful than the last.  If we had an old camera, we would have used several rolls of film there alone!
The last stop was the best of all.  Dante’s View was even more impressive than the Artist’s Palette.  Surprisingly, it was quite chilly, but we hardly noticed with the spectacular view that was right in front of us!  It’s hard to put into words how beautiful the scenery was.  Having never been to Death Valley, it blew away any expectations I had.
Finally, the trip had come to an end and it was time to head back to Las Vegas.  We were all pretty beat and took an opportunity to catch a quick nap as we headed back, recalling the great memories we just had.
If you want to go to Death Valley, Pink Jeep Tours is the only way to do it!  They don’t go during the hotter months, so be sure to check out their schedule.  But if you are only able to go during the summer months, they have so many other great tours as well!  Next time, I want to do the trip to the Grand Canyon, which seems incredible!
Whether you live in Vegas or are coming here to visit, this is the only way to do it.  I love being able to leave all the work and planning to someone else so that I can just enjoy myself.  The groups are small so I don’t feel like a number, but it’s also nice to share the time with other people from around the world.  Our trip this time had a couple from Singapore.   
And their guides are incredible.  For them, it’s more than just a job.  But how can’t it be!  Look at the fun they get to have!
Whether you want to stay in Las Vegas and the surrounding area, or head out of state to see the Grand Canyon or Death Valley, Pink Jeep Tours has the trip for you.  Be sure to check them out HERE and schedule your trip today.  You will be glad you did!
I want to thank all the great people at Pink Jeep Tours for once again showing me an awesome time!  You really know how to make a day trip a blast!
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3 thoughts on “Exploring Death Valley with Pink Jeep Tours, Vegas’ premiere tour company!

  1. Hi Rosario,

    We are the couple in the same tour. A small correction – we are from beautiful Singapore, not Malaysia.
    Nice meeting you and getting to know your blog. 🙂


    • Hello Eric!! I am so sorry for the mistake. I fixed just now. Greetings, Rosario.

  2. Eric


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