Chapel of The Holy Cross, a landmark in Sedona without a doubt

More than half a century after its construction, the Chapel of the Holy Cross continues to be a place of wonder, spiritual renewal, and sublime vistas for all who come to Sedona.
Located on a hill is one of the “must see” sights of this beautiful city. One of Sedona’s earliest landmarks, it is also one of its most endearing.  Here people of all denominations come to offer their prayers, supplications, and praises–and to marvel at the building’s distinctive architecture and the panoramic vistas from its site.
Even after half a century, the chapel has a contemporary, almost out-of-time look, a sculptural feel, and a surreal effect as it juts out of two red mounds on a spur of rock that is 200 feet above the ground.
The place is small, filled with warm light, and masses of people. I can appreciate this place of worship from a cultural, artistic, or architectural standpoint.
It was built in 1956. Although the Chapel is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, all faiths are welcome to visit the Chapel and its vast, incredible views.
This church is more of a tourist attraction than an actual church. There is a gift shop located at the bottom/underground level if you want to pick up a few gifts. 
If you are in Sedona, even for just a day, there is a good chance you will visit. Be respectful and kind to your fellow visitors and enjoy!
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