From Las Vegas to Cancun to celebrate my friend’s wedding

Some couples like  to have their weddings in traditional Mayan lands. Often,  these weddings are celebrated by the beaches or at archaeological sites in Mexico.
Most couples planning this kind of ceremony like it for the  simplicity, originality and spirituality and  choose to make it different versus a traditional ceremony.
The wedding of Fernando Campos and Griselda Favela, who joined their lives in this paradise of Cancun, Mexico, was this kind of event. 
  I traveled  to Cancun from Las Vegas to celebrate with my friends who extended to me the invitation in December.
The affection and appreciation that many feel for them resulted in an estimated group of 55 friends and family traveling from different destinations.  Most of the group arrived from Las Vegas, where both the bride and groom reside.
They chose one of the best hotels in Cancun to unite their lives, the Moon Palace Resort.
The ceremony was held on the beach. It was very familiar, very simple and elegant. All guests were dressed predominantly in light colors which is very  typical of a beach wedding.
While the guests found  the perfect location to see the ceremony,  the honor court waited in preparation for the beautiful bride who came in a carriage with her beloved father.
 The ceremony began and the minister  welcomed everyone and explained the significance of the wedding in Mayan lands. He proceeded with the vowels of the couple and the exchange of rings.
After the ceremony everybody was invited to an elegant reception where all the  family and friends took the opportunity to be photographed with the newlyweds and enjoyed the delicious food of this popular Cancun resort.
While the bride changed into another elegant white dress, all the guests ate and enjoyed the festivities until the new couple came to the reception accompanied by the traditional mariachi. 
Fernando and Griselda were beaming with joy and they both took the opportunity to personally greet and thank each of the guests who traveled to share with  them  this most important life commitment.
As a token of appreciation, they gave bottles of wine in addition to a picture of both of them that I photographed. Cheers!
Congratulation to the new couple and thank you so much for the invitation.
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